SCCOBA Alert System

As President of SCCOBA it is my responsibility to foster a true sense of brotherhood and benevolence. I am also responsible in making sure our safety while on duty and off duty is in the front of our minds each day. Our safety, in light of another mass shooting at a municipal complex, should remind us all to never assume our shifts are routine. The mass shooting in Virginia a couple of days ago is proof of why we must be aware at all times and never take anything for granted.

Believing our safety should be first and foremost, I have implemented a "SCCOBA Alert System". This system, for the lack of any other system, will send out alerts to the entire membership the instant any threat against law enforcement and/or municipal sites occurs. I want to ensure all of our members and their families understand that our association always has their best interests in mind. The SCCOBA Alert System otherwise referred to as "S.A.S." will go into effect immediately. Every member will be alerted so you are the first to know of any threat or action that has been taken instead of the last. I wish you and your families nothing but the best. Please remember no shift is routine. Thank you.


Gerard P. Gwinn

SCCOBA President

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