A message from Brian Lynch

Executive Board

As a member of the New York State Court Officers Hockey Club, and a Suffolk County Court Officer assigned to Family Court in Central Islip, I am very thankful for your association's donation to help cover expenses.

We are a self-funded team, and as many of you know. hockey can be quite an expensive sport.

We traveled to Marlborough, MA the weekend of April 20-22 to participate in the The Heros Cup Hockey Tournament.

Each member used their own time on Friday (we also played Friday afternoon) and took care of travel, meals and hotels costs.

The charity that we represented is The Three Strohm Sisters Foundation, they raise money for pediatric cancer research. The foundation is run by Court Officer, Ed Strohm, who many of us know.

Although the team did not come out victorious this year, we completed with 85 other teams made up of Police, Fire, and Military. The charities represented by each team all were big winners.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend.


Brian Lynch

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