10-13 Fund Annual BBQ

I would like to remind all of the members that this July 21st is our "10-13 fund" annual BBQ. Now I know that everyone has a busy summer schedule and will not be able to attend the event. As members of SCCOBA, we have a duty to support our Association and especially the "10-13 Fund". This fund has been set up for when one of our members or one of our members family has fallen on bad times. This is a fund that nobody ever wants to be on the receiving side of, however, it is very important for us to have in place. So I ask all members to support this event and at a minimum purchase a $15 bracelet knowing that this money is going to such a great cause. Also, on October 8th we will be holding our annual Norm Storm Memorial Golf Outing. More details on the event will be released as we get closer. I hope to see all of you at these great events!

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